you bust up a bunch of us.

You always need to win.

Why you want us to hurt and

scream so in seas of frustration?

Why you want to kill or make people cry in your confusion?

Can’t you see what a loser you are?

You never discovered nothin’

Everybody was already here.

Captain of pain and greed,

you bring death, blood, disease, crime.

Why your angry God Columbus?

Why no woman God?

Look, one touch of moonlight

can dissolve your fear.

Let night’s darkness

cover your need.

You can escape yourself

become one of us

become Colombolos.

Columbus – you lost,

you lost your way.

You lost your view of God’s eye

in the morning sun.

You lost your touch of Mary’s love

in soft raindrops

falling through leaves.

Like the tears of

our holy Mother God

hiding in the garden – Pachamama.

Like Mary hiding,

watching Jesus

in his agony garden.

You know what you need to do.

You lost the feeling

of holy grief in sacrifice,

create our redemption.

Columbus – you take.

You don’t give.

That’s no way to live.

You’ve got to give not take

to make anything

of your self.

Look at your dark sewage soul,

filthy and ripe

from all your thievery.

You’re a criminal greed

thief who lies.

Please, listen to the whispering garden

give – give to live.

We all must –

give to live.

Dark Taino faces smile

on the sunny sand

of that first beach morning.

The maidens and young men


Holding fresh juices

oranges, bananas, papayas,

mangoes, guava and fruits of passion

extended in their hands.


not of painful sacrifice;

offerings of sharing

sweet fruits of

Pachamama. God’s love bursting

from green god’s trees.

She gives us love.

Mary fertility wisdom

goddess of giving love and giving life.

Columbus you can’t take away our love.

You know you must give your love –

give love Colombolos!

Make love Colombolos!

Suddenly he sees the light.

Suddenly he feels the light.

He feels like he’s becoming the light

Burning love light

heats up in his

heavy suit of armor.

I’ve got to get this armor off!

I’ve got to get out of this

damn suit of armor!”

Do it Colombolos.

Take your suit of armor off.

Let’s make this right.

Get naked Colombolos.

Feel some love and joy

right here on the sunny sand.

You can become more than yourself

You can become Colombolos

You can become one of us


Y Pipe


you can be one of us.

You can forget

all that crazy stuff

you’ve been


All that stuff about

winning – no matter what

lying cheating stealing.

Forget it.

You can conquer

a whole new

empire now.

Right here in this bohio with us.


That’s right

Listen, there’s a

song in Pachamama voice:

“Open up your heart

feel light

like love

pour in”

She will open up

your whole new empire

Help you unlearn

your mistakes

remove your evil

She has cohoba power.

If you try the

“Y” pipe.

Why not try the “Y” pipe?

It’s the goddess Ayahuasca

We all go for  the “Y” pipe

She can really bring us there.

We all try the “Y” pipe

Cohoba DMT really splits open your brain.

We all love the “Y” pipe

Nothin’s ever the same

Why not try the “Y” pipe?

Come on, you can be one of us


Take the “Y” pipe in your nose.

Let the air blow in.

Your two nostrils

make one breath

like your two eyes give a whole vision

like your two ears make a whole sound

Your two nostrils

unite in the “Y” and

deliver one thought

one aroma

one memory

one way

back to your body

your inner mind

open heart

soaring spirit

the empire

of all our spirits in one.

Come on, let’s explore together

“okay” says Colombolos, and smiles

“I’ll go for the ‘Y’ pipe – I want to discover.”

So into his nose it goes

a sniff, a blow and off he arose

“Mmm look at all the pretty colors…”

Everyone laughs as Colombolos

staggers and collapses onto the earth.

He feels himself flying

in supernatural travel

across shaman roads through stars.

But overcome with stomach convulsions

his pain of conquest thievery

his fear and cruelty delivering death

start mingling with contractions

and stinging pains of birth.

Come out, come out Colombolos!

He vomits across the sand.

Each wave of pain also brings relief.

Expel your past

Find your heart Colombolos

Come deep within

Pachamama mother heart

birth of life begins.

Here is where your journey ends

and realization begins.

Now you are a discoverer


No more lost in greed and conquest.

Here you are one among us Colombolos

You are one of us.

Rise in loving bliss.

Rise in waves of joy.